Bio Surveillance High-tech Facial Recognition

Bio Surveillance is a Facial Recognition Solution that can detect multiple faces in real-time, incorporates on-the-fly video enrolment, identifies previously trained individuals and facilitates run-time management of alarms and individuals. This technology yields excellent performance despite partial occlusions of the face, use of glasses, caps, changes in facial expression, difficult illumination conditions and moderate rotations of the face by using IP cameras. It offers:

  • ■  Real time multi camera analysis
  • ■  Face recognition of multiple faces simultaneously
  • ■  Accurate recognition even in low lighting
  • ■  High comparison rate per second
  • ■  Modular and scalable software

Forensic Analysis – Age of digital investigation

The digital evidence needs to be visualized and the toughest challenge of investigation needs to be unlocked. This is made possible for you with VL Access’s Digital Intelligence Solutions. We empower organizations linked to Law enforcement, Defense and Intelligence, Enterprise, Border Security, Criminal investigations, Correction investigation and evidence investigation, with the solutions in hand.

  • ■  Command & Control Center – Clearance Integration
  • ■  Operators can export video and other sources directly to Genetec Clearance

Ability to:

  • ■  Export to existing case, or create new case from GSC
  • ■  Share access of the case to a 3rd party
  • ■  Add notes and incident classification details from Export
  • ■  Search for a specific subject

Intelligence Analytics – Beyond Data

Intelligent analytics develops solutions and harnesses and structures value of the data so that you can find insight. The Analytics Engine is the AI platform which collects data from different data sources like Cloud, Mobile, Retail, Finance, Web, etc. and integrates databases, cloud storage and API. The system delivers insight through search analytics, i.e. Mobile App, API, Web interface, WhatsApp and so on.

Highlighting features:

  • ■  Innovative & Extensible Platform: A robust portfolio of critical video analytics capabilities fully integrated for a “better together” paradigm.
  • ■  Unmatched Accuracy: Leverage market leading accuracy for detection, classification and recognition across object classes, attributes, behaviors and faces.
  • ■  Superior Performance: Effectively supports the requirement for both on-demand and real-time analytics for full camera coverage.
  • ■  Flexible Architecture: Designed to meet the business needs of today and tomorrow.
  • ■  Ease of Use:Quickest time to value and lowest total cost of ownership drives productivity, accelerates time to target and gains the competitive edge.

Smart City Management & Consulting

VL Access provides support to the government think tank that works for smart city management. We are a leading name with experience across the entire value chain of the smart cities. Besides, we take up tailored approach and strategize our work plan that ensures tangible delivery of the final outcome.

We make a difference at:

  • ■  Ensuring operational efficiency of the stakeholders through integration of technology like AI.
  • ■  Aid development
  • ■  Inclusive approach towards society by embracing creativity
  • ■  Improving city’s livability index
  • ■  Revolutionizing city’s movement or transportation through integrated ICT
  • ■  Green urban planning and green buildings

Advanced ICT components intervention:

  • ■  Smart Water
  • ■  Smart Traffic
  • ■  Smart energy