With a decade behind us in developing innovative and secure solutions, we help you move towards a smarter, safer tomorrow with optimal solutions that blend hardware excellence with cutting-edge software tools. Cutting across industry verticals, we provide sustainable and fully integrated solutions that can be deployed in any industrial, civic, or security setting. We specialize in network management solutions for service providers, small and medium enterprises and government organization.

Our integrated solutions, which are driven by key components like network automation and data management, help you design, implement and ensure network performance from a centralized location. With its repertoire of products and end-to-end management solutions , VL Access is well-placed to fulfill the call for smart cities and other open platform integration work of the future by providing custom-made applications to industries, corporations and government bodies. Join us in our journey toward a safe, secure, efficient and happy future.

Our Vision

To be the most preferable system integrator and the respected service brand of our Nation.


VL Access has well-organized network management software that allows network administrators to manage provisioning of networks and maintain quality of service.


Network Monitoring is the process of evaluating the performance of the network for various network parameters. VL access is able to detect outages and slowdowns in the system and direct alerts of the same to the administrator.


In network management, reporting includes detection, isolation, malfunctions in a telecommunications network and includes examining error logs, accepting and taking action on error detection notifications, tracing and identifying faults.


A network allows connected computers to exchange information. Networked computers can access data and other resources from other computers on the network. VL access has controlling management system that controls various networking arrangements to give the optimum output.


Observing the networking communication instantaneously or at each step would result in early detection, revamping and proper functioning. VL access promises for best facilities to keep up the continuity of the communications.

Our Mission

To understand and deliver the most problem solving solution to our customer at competitive cost which helps them to acheive there goals.

“Cyber Security is The New Frontier”

Our long association with Information Network and Security areas has enabled us to empower our Clients with Security
and Surveillance Abilities with confidence and clarity.