Global Smart City Solutions for 2021.

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This blog rounds up some of the latest technology trends and smart solutions for upgrading the cities to being smart city. And with the global lockdowns and shutdowns in place, we have witnessed many innovative solutions, trends and devices in this year and also in the coming years.

Digital water management for smart city:

The major innovations in this field are the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. It aims at combating water scarcity, emphasizing on reuse and recycle, and promote sustainability. To achieve the goal, the water sector needs automation, intelligence and connectivity. Countries like Spain are increasing focusing on solutions based on 5G massive IoT, LTE-M, NB-IoT, etc.

Citizen emergency response devices in smart city:

When the city needs to be turned into a smart city, then the solutions should be able to track, detect and organize both behavioural data and object with high accuracy. Governments and private players are using scalable and cost effective smart solutions that offer high resolution perception for intelligent applications.

Traffic management in smart city:

This is one of the major issues in smart city development. So, devices like IoT radars have been designed to mitigate this challenge. The radars help in real time monitoring of the vehicles, such as monitoring their speed, navigation, risk of accidents, safety issues, etc. and collecting data at high accuracy.

Woven city of Japan is the world’s intelligent city which is completely connected and is now considered as a base project for all such innovations. The researchers there are continuing to develop automated personal mobility, smart homes, robotics, etc. in an environment that replicates reality.

These are some of the popular smart solutions used worldwide by technology companies that is enabling the growth of smart cities, which is bring together technology and infrastructure.